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When you think of healthy, what do you think of?

I’m actually not writing this post from a position of having it all together with a nice bow. In most of my posts I write, I feel pretty confident in my situation or the systems I’m using. But when it comes to being healthy, I’m on a journey that I think I’ll constantly be tweaking & changing up.

But isn’t that how it should be? Our health journey isn’t something that we do once & then we’re good. It needs to fit in our lives, and our lives are ever-changing, so our health journey should be changing to work with what we need from it.

As a Mompreneur, it’s easy for our health to get put on the back burner, for us to say, “I’ll focus on that when I have time,” or to be too overwhelmed to do what we need to do to stay healthy. There are so many things that are clamoring for our attention & energy. If you’re experiencing good health, you may wonder why you should focus on becoming healthier or staying healthy?

When you’re younger, in your 20s, 30s, & even 40s, it’s pretty easy to say you’ll deal with it later. You feel fine, so you feel like you have time to lay the foundation, so you’ll be mobile as you age or keep your mobility & health. But then later comes & you haven’t laid the foundation for a healthy 50s, 60s, & 70s.

There’s no time like the present, right?

Most of us mompreneurs aren’t at the physical level of a professional athlete or special ops in the military. Still, one thing that stands out to me for both of those positions is they don’t train because they need it right now; they prepare so that they’re ready & able to perform once the time comes, once they do need it. They become proactive with their health & skills rather than reactive.

Just over 3 years ago, I finally got a diagnosis for some health issues that I’d been dealing with for years. I knew that I needed to make some changes if I was going to be able to live better. I knew that even though I didn’t feel like making the changes, because just the thought of doing one more thing, researching how to fix 1 symptom, or taking the extra time to make a relatively simple change, was so overwhelming. But with the encouragement of my husband & my dr, I made the changes & I started to see results.

Was it easy?

By no means!

There were days when I curled up in my husband’s lap & cried because it was all too overwhelming, I was tired, & I just wanted what was my normal to come back!

Was it worth it?

100% yes!!

I got movement without pain back. I can talk without pain again. I’ve learned how to manage my body well. I’ve learned what it needs & what sabotages it. And I’ve discovered how to tailor my health journey to fit me & my body!

I’m so not perfect at it. I still have some things I need to add to my journey, things that I know will be beneficial to me but, at this point, are overwhelming. But I’m better than I was last month! We’re going for progress, not perfection, ladies.

Here are some things that helped me once I decided it was time to make those changes.

• Find your reason why.

     – You have to know why you’re doing something, especially when it’s not going to be fun or easy. Changing up your normal is never easy! We’re creatures of habit & changing those habits can be super hard at times! It might be fun once you start seeing results, but if you begin to stall or don’t see results right away, you’ll need to keep your why in front of you to keep your eye on the end result. For me, that was better overall health so that I could enjoy my family & stay mobile for as long as possible! I don’t want to be the 90-year-old woman who just sits in her chair all day! I want to be moving & active as long as possible! To reach that goal of long-term movement, I know I have to stay active & make wise choices now.

• Arm yourself with info & a strategy

     – Before you’re able to start out on any journey, you’ll need a plan of action. You need a roadmap. So what’s your goal? Is it to exercise? To eat better? To stop eating or drinking something? Research ways to reach that goal effectively. Find someone who’s achieved that already & follow them. If you’ve thought of doing something, someone has already done it & probably written a blog post or article about it!

• Gather your cheerleaders

     – Even if it’s one person, find someone who knows the journey you’re starting down & enlist them into the cheerleader role. Having someone you can reach out to on the rough days, to say, “I just need encouragement,” is enormous! Having someone who can keep an eye out & just randomly say, “I know it’s not easy, but you’re doing great!” is also a huge step towards continuing your journey. We were not created to live solitary lives; we’re designed to live in a community with people around us!

• Give yourself grace

     – Remember, we’re going for progress. You won’t be perfect & always make the right choice. You have so much on your plate. I fully believe if you want to make a change, want to improve your health, want to make progress, you’ll do it! But give yourself grace on the journey because you don’t want to burn out & give up! Long-term health is a lifestyle change, a marathon, not a sprint that you finish quickly & go back to “normal.” Keep your eyes on the long-term goal & don’t stress as much about the inevitable small speed bumps.

How are you on your health journey? Is it something you have a good handle on, or are you working on improving it? You can always head on over to the Managing Mompreneur Facebook group & find someone to help keep you accountable.

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