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Do you feel like you are all long in your Mompreneur journey?

No one quite understands the pressure you feel or how you constantly have lists going through your head, constantly question if you’re doing the right thing, what else you could be doing to grow the business.

Do you deal with frustration in figuring out how to manage it all?

You spend time working on the perfect schedule, trying to fit everything in, trying to please everyone, wondering if you should do more, how to fit it all in, while still enjoying your family.

Do you want to be in a community of women who are doing with the same issues you are?

Joining a community of women who understand your stress, fears, thoughts, & joys. A community that rejoices with you when you have a success, reach a goal, or accomplish a dream.

Do you want to have some extra support where you can receive encouragement & practical ways to accomplish what you want while enjoying the journey you’re on? 

Support that helps you when you’re frustrated, at the end of your rope, stressed & not sure what to do next to. Knowing that you’re not the only one feeling way while gleaning wisdom from those who’ve already dealt with what you’re dealing with.

Want to be a part of a community of Mompreneurs who are there to support & help each other?

In the beginning of 2020, I went from a full time homeschool stay at home Mom to 6 kids to running my own business on top of the homeschool, mom, wife, house duties!

To say all 8 of us have had to adjust is an understatement. But it’s a journey that we wouldn’t change for the world. It has helped us all grow in ways we never imagined. But it has had it’s hard times & frustrations.

I was blessed enough to find a group of women pretty close to the start of my business who were all going through the same things. Knowing I wasn’t alone was huge! I loved the support I felt from this group & still keep in contact with some of the women.

I have created this blog, Facebook group, & support group to do that for other women.

You are not alone! 

Whether you are just Starting your business, or you’ve had it for years, this place is for you! This is a safe place where you can find out that you aren’t alone, where you can feel support, where you can find practical tips for managing your Mompreneur journey, where you can find the joy in both the business owner & Mom role!

There are 3 levels of involvement in this community.

1) I’ve written a short e-book! It has elements from the blog, with more information. It covers the top 5 areas that I see are stressful for Mompreneurs and gives hope and encouragement for the Mompreneur who’s struggling or just looking for help. It’s still in the works, but you’ll be able to get the e-Book for only $4.99 shortly! 

2)  The free Facebook group where you can come & chat with women, where I’ll post helpful tips or encouragement, & join in a community where your voice can be heard so you know you’re not alone! Our goal is to give you encouragement & support as you grow in your business & thrive in Motherhood! Click here to request to join the group & find some support!

3) There is a paid Facebook group where there’s even more involvement & support. For $99/month, you’ll get to hear from experts as they give you tips & tricks for different topics. We’ll have the same great camaraderie & support from each other as we have in the free group, it’s just taken up a notch. Click here to purchase the membership!

Being a Mom is hard but rewarding, owning a business is hard but rewarding, doing both is crazy hard & doubly rewarding!

I would love to join with you on this journey, to be there to offer support, share in your wins & help you through your frustrations! 

With Gratitude,

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