Know Your Why

What is your why for being a Mompreneur?

What was your reason for beginning your business?

Was it because you love the product or service you provide?

Was it because you needed the money?

Was it because you saw a need & filled it by created a service or product?

Do you know your why?


Here’s the thing, if you don’t know your why, don’t have it solidified in your heart & brain, then when things get rough, it’s that much easier to quit!

Did you know that, according to this article, 20% of new business fail within the first year, 34% within the first 2 years.

Have you felt like giving up?

I have!

But you know what kept me from giving up?

I knew my reasons for starting, I had an amazing support system (my hubby), I knew why I started the business in the first place, so I then figured out what was making me want to quite & I fixed those issues!

Here are my whys:

  • After being “only” (there really is no only about it) a stay-at-home Mom for 12 years, I wanted to come along side my husband & help our family out financially.
  • I wanted something that was for me that didn’t revolve around the kids. I absolutely love & adore our children but knowing that they are getting older, I didn’t want my life to only revolve around them & then be at a loss when they all were grown up & moving out.
  • I wanted to help & be a blessing to people.

Within the first year of beginning my business, I was faced with confidence issues, time management issues, guilt for not being fully available for our kids who were used to my life revolving around them, so much information intake & overload, uncertainty around almost every corner, & so many sleepless nights.

I questioned if I should have started the business, I questioned if I was ruining our children, I questioned if I was wasting the money that we put into the business, I questioned almost every step forward, I questioned if I would stop worrying & be able to enjoy things again 😊

Here’s the thing though. My 3 main reasons for starting the business didn’t go away. They were the whisper of a dream, one that started out slowly & wouldn’t be quiet not matter how much I tried to ignore it, a dream that I didn’t even know I had until it started to take root.

Whenever I felt like giving up, I focused on why I started the business. And here are some positives I’ve experienced for those 3 reasons!

  • My husband’s company was sold right before Covid hit, just after I started the business. So, he spent the next year looking for a job while everything was shut down, but thankfully he did so without the stress of being the sole provider for our family. The business has been such a blessing to take that financial burden off him as life took a turn we weren’t planning on.
  • I’ve met people I never would have met without the business, been pushed to grown myself in ways I didn’t think I’d ever do, learned things I didn’t even know I needed to learn, & did more than I ever expected or dreamed I’d do.
  • Not only have I been able to help my clients with their books, but I’ve been able to help my contractors & now other Mompreneurs who are on the same journey I’ve been on! I didn’t see that benefit when I started, but it sure keeps me going & I’m so excited.

Can you relate? Did your business start out as a whispered dream you didn’t even know you had? Do you deal with some of those same questions I listed above?

Do you know your why?

Sweet fellow Mompreneur, I urge you, if you don’t have your why, if you are feeling down & ready to quit, sit down & figure out what your whys for starting the business are so they can carry you through when frustration & hard times show up.

Here’s what I did when the whisper wouldn’t quiet down & I needed to figure out what was going on 😊

1) Take some time away from everything with some paper & pen or computer, something to write out your thoughts.

2) Write out what comes to mind when you think of the business.

a. What intrigues you?

b. What makes you excited?

c. What prompted the idea of having a business?

3) After you’ve brain dumped those thoughts down, circle the top 3-5 reasons & then write them somewhere so you can see them when you need to!

Keeping my focus on my top 3 reasons for starting the business is the main reason why I haven’t quit yet. They’re why I started the 2nd business for Managing Mompreneur! I saw a need, heard another dream get whispered to my heart, & knew I had to act on it!

Never did I ever think I would be a business owner, let alone 2, but even with all the stress, uncertainty, frustrations, & growing pains, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made!

So, I’ll ask again, do you know your why?

If you do, drop a comment about what it is, if you don’t, then go figure it out!!

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