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Fun Family Moments

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You decided to be a Mompreneur because you wanted to be there for your kids and still have those fun family moments with them while still doing a job you love, right? Creating space, both in your calendar & mentally, to have fun with your kids sometimes needs to be intentional & planned out, especially when life gets busy.

But how do you do it?

When you have so many things demanding your time, all the necessary to-do list things from the family (orthodontist appointments, school, sports), the house (cleaning, organizing, meal planning/purchasing food/cooking), your spouse (dating them, keeping on the same page, nurturing your relationship), & work (providing the service or products, client calls, back-office work)…and then we want to think about doing fun things?

Fun times beach
Fun playtime at the beach

For me, I love those fun times. I love watching my kids have fun, having fun with them, and spending time together doing things we enjoy doing. I know that time is moving so quickly & before we know it, they’ll start flying the nest. So I want to make the most of our time with them.

But I’ve found, like I’ve mentioned in this post, I must be very intentional with making sure those times happen. It’s so easy to focus on my list of things that have to get gone rather than what I want to do.

I know it’s so easy to focus on the squeaky wheel, whichever area of your life that makes the most noise. In some seasons, that’s been my clients, sometimes it’s my kids, but then I realize that the other 3 areas are just waiting for me. Even though they’ve been quiet doesn’t mean they don’t need attention.

When I’ve focused on keeping my boundaries in place, when I keep my reasons for starting the business in the forefront of my mind, those fun times with my family are what make all the hard work worth it!

As I mentioned previously, I block off Fridays for fun times with my kids. I look at Fridays like they are a soft Saturday for us. The kids sleep in a bit later than usual, my alarm is set for later than it is Mon-Thurs, & I usually make something special for breakfast!

I call it a soft Saturday because my husband still has to work, so he’s not involved in the fun as if it was Saturday. So, I use Friday to prepare for our weekend so we can entirely focus on family time when he’s able to be with us!

Hiking sunset

If everyone’s school is finished, & once we get some tidying done around the house, then we’re going to go out adventuring. Some Fridays, we’ll go rollerblading/scootering down by the lake.

Or we might find a new hiking trail.

Or we might meet up with some friends & play.

Or we might declare it to be a movie day & veg out 🙂

The glorious thing is it means there are no time constraints & we’re together, making memories, having fun, and getting snuggles.

Here are some things I do when planning our family fun days. Because with 8 people in the house, we can’t just leave our plans up to what everyone agrees on because that rarely happens.

First & foremost, if everyone is healthy, everyone participates.

– Just because one person doesn’t care for the activity doesn’t mean they stay home or aren’t with us. It’s called “family fun day” for a reason!


I try to alternate the kinds of activities we do.

– I’m not going to do rollerblading each Friday because we have some that rollerblading/scootering isn’t their favorite thing. There are some activities that all the kids love, & I do aim for those. But pleasing all 6 kids all the time just isn’t possible.


I ask for their input on what they want to do.

– Every couple of months, maybe as the seasons change, I sit down with them & ask the kids what things they’d like to do. During the summer, it’s pretty much a guarantee that we spend our Fridays at the beach & that’s everyone’s activity of choice, but we change things up during the rest of the seasons based on what they want to do.

Movie Night
One thing I mentioned above that I wanted to dig a little deeper into, we only do the adventuring if our necessary items are done. The required items include school & housework.

The kid’s schoolwork needs to be completed before heading out on our adventures. This works as a good incentive for the kids to get their school done during the week. Like all kids, some of my kids need extra encouragement some days to actually get their school completed.

We’re very clear with our kids that I can’t do everything on my own. We see our family as a team, and we need to work together for everything to run smoothly. The plan is to usually do a more involved family clean to spruce up the house for the weekend. So, Fridays are the days when I try to get a little extra done.

I followed a blog where the mom’s primary cleaning day was Friday. She felt like she could actually rest & relax during the weekend if they started it with a clean house. I’ve loved that idea & have tried to do that when time & schedule allows for our family. I totally agree with her that it’s so much easier to rest & relax when the house is clean, laundry put away, & the menu for next week is planned.

So how do you create the space for fun times with your family while your house & business demand so much time? I’d love to hear your tips & tricks in the comments.

And I’d love for you to come over to the Facebook group (You can do that by clicking here) & join our community! We’re creating a space to support & encourage each other in this Mompreneur journey!

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational, community, & educational purposes only. I am not liable for any damages resulting for the use or implementation of

Happy family

Fun Family Moments

You want to have a successful business while having fun with your family but don’t know how to balance it. Read how I manage that balance!

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